Anti-Age Super Lifting

The procedure includes
- Make-up removal and deep cleansing with Nanodessert Triple mild.
- Facial skin peeling with Nanoasia Air Bubbles Peeling.
- Aqua peeling.
- Mask Super Lifting Muscle Mask for facial muscles with Botox effect.
- Hand and trapeze massage, elbow treatment with Mnectars natural oils.
- Aromatherapy.

The Super Lifting Muscle Mask contains 45 active ingredients. These are peptides, extracts of precious stones and plants.
- Eliminates dark circles under the eyes.
- Evens out complexion.
- Reduces the severity of rosacea.
- Smoothes mimic and dermal wrinkles.
- Shrinks pores.
- Increases skin elasticity (as part of matrixyl).
- Returns a young oval of the face.
- Removes the second chin.
- Improves skin structure.
- Protects against UV and aggressive environmental influences.
- Reduces acne and post-acne.
- Strengthens capillaries, improves blood circulation and skin respiration.

Anti-Age Super Lifting
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