Laura Tolmats

+372 5557 2808

Old Dominion University (exercise science); National State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Health. P.F. Lesgaft (physical culture and sports, specialization - swimming); 5th category swimming coach (practicing coach); Preventage School Institute (Integral Nutrition and Dietetics); Institute of Integral Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine PreventAge LifeStyle School (lifestyle modification coaching).

Various seminars and advanced training events in the field of integral preventive and anti-aging medicine, biohacking, nutrition, psychology, exercise therapy.

Olga Tolmats


Institute of Integral Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine PreventAge LifeStyle School (progressive beauty matrix).

Training Center "Razvitie" (Development) "Personelle" (specialist in manual facial plastic surgery); Various seminars and events to improve skills in the field of beauty, exercise therapy, cosmetology, face fitness, taping, self-massage.

Jelizaveta Bogatšenkova


Studying unique methodologies at master classes and seminars by Nanoasia in cosmetology.

Makeup courses by Bella Pierre. Courses in aesthetic face and body taping, including therapeutic taping. Guasha face massage courses. Completing a facial manual plasticity specialist course. Various courses on a healthy lifestyle, covering aspects like proper sleep, stress management, nutrition, exercise, analyses, supplement intake, and the fundamentals of biohacking and nutrition. Courses for an essential oils specialist.

Zanna Stepanova


Estonian School of Massage and Therapy (masseur level 5 upon acquisition), various additional trainings in the field of massage (facial cosmetic massage, taping, STR techniques, water aerobics instructor training, infant and toddler swimming instructor training. Alar Krautman Health Academy (Cupping therapy and gua sha massage).

Irina Ivanova


Tartu University Pärnu College Master’s degree in “Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management”; “DōTerra Essential Oil Specialist Certification”.