Aroma diagnostics

When choosing fragrances, be it perfumes, flowers or aromatic oils, we trust our senses. And it is right. The body subtly feels both our mood and state. That's just to evaluate all its vibrations and understand the needs can only intuitively and approximately.

However, by choosing the Aroma Diagnostics service, you solve several issues at once. Firstly, with the help of iTOVi aromascanner, you will get an in-depth, personalized assessment of your organism's condition according to 76 biomarkers. Secondly, an aroma specialist will help you to understand the received information, give recommendations on how to restore your health and psycho-emotional state with the help of essential oils and answer your questions. And thirdly, if you wish, you will be able to buy aromatic oils on the spot.

Aroma diagnostics
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