Body taping

Tape is a special elastic cotton strip that promotes rejuvenation and skin improvement. The tape’s base is made of cotton, but the addition of up to 3% elastane gives it resilience and stretchiness.

The tape features a striped paper backing, and the hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, applied in a wave pattern, ensures secure and comfortable attachment.

The effectiveness of taping relies on the right technique and the skills of our specialists. Different techniques can enhance blood and lymph flow, initiating the rejuvenation process. Additionally, tape can alter muscle tone, positively impacting fascia and receptors in the muscles.

Our experts employ taping to address wrinkles, cellulite, diastasis, loose skin, swelling, and volume reduction. This innovative approach also helps tighten the body, improve posture, and amplify the effects of workouts.

Body taping
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