Gua Sha massage

Gua Sha massage is a lymphatic drainage procedure that uses special scrapers.

The procedure "Massage Gua Sha" begins with a light warming hand massage. After comes a massage where one uses Gua Sha scrapers, starting from the chest, since the main lymphatic ducts are located there.

During the work one uses scrapers of various shapes for better contact and working out the surface, previously lubricated with high-quality oil.

Gua Sha massage gives wonderful results and enjoyable sensations.
- Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are improved.
- The metabolism speeds up.
- The level of skin nutrition is stabilized.
- The supply of oxygen to the skin is increased.
- Cell division intensifies.
- The work of cells is normalized.
- The water balance and moisture level of the skin are restored.
- Elimination of toxins is accelerated.
- Regeneration processes are activated.
- The severity of puffiness is reduced.
- Blockages disappear.
- The absorption of cosmetics improves.
- Weakened muscles are strengthened.
- Muscle spasm is relieved.
- Wrinkles are smoothed out.
- The fabrics are stretched.
- The oval of the face becomes clearer.

Gua Sha massage procedure
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