Manual body plastic

Manual Body Plastic (MBP) is a method of body shaping through localized manipulation of problematic areas by a masseur's hands. It is used to combat hormonal fat and create beautiful forms and lines for your body. Through special manual techniques, deep manipulation, stretching, and relaxation of the body's muscles occur. It allows for improved overall muscle tone, enhanced lymphatic drainage functions of the skin, and blood circulation. As a result, you achieve the desired effect of a beautiful, well-groomed, and toned body. To achieve the desired results in correcting problematic areas, it is recommended to undergo a course of 8-12 sessions of manual body plastic surgery.

Correction zones include the sides, abdomen, back, arms, overall surface of the hips and buttocks, cellulite-prone areas, and inner surface of the thighs. With Manual Body Plastic Surgery, you not only correct your figure, but also extend your youthfulness!

Manual body plastic
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