Manual facial procedures

MFP is a complex of physically based and consistenly performed manual massage and lifting effects on all levels of facial tissues, contributing to the restoration and maintenance of its shape and the prevention of age-related changes in the face and neck.

MFP involves working with the muscles, ligaments and fascia of the face and shoulder girdle in the paradigm of an integrated approach to solving age-related issues.

MFP makes it possible to preserve the freshness and youthfulness of the face, avoiding surgery, beauty injections and other invasive influences.

Manual face treatment:
- evens out the tone of the facial muscles;
- restores blood circulation and lymph flow;
- heals facial tissues;
- improves skin condition;
- reduces wrinkles and sagging.

The aesthetic result after undergoing a course of procedures is comparable to injectable cosmetology and surgery but without harm to health and reflects the overall improvement of the body.

Manual facial procedures
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