Taping is a relatively young way of facial care that has gained wide popularity in recent years. Taping has proven itself in the treatment of sports injuries to fix damaged muscles. When the time came, it successfully migrated from the body to the face, partially retaining the tasks.

The main task of the tape on the face is to remove hypertonicity from the muscle. From here come all the requirements for both the quality of the tape and the technique of its fixation on the skin. High-quality material and glue help to avoid allergic reactions. Therefore it’s very important, since the contact with the delicate skin of the face is quite long. Tapes for the face stretch only in the longitudinal direction. It’s necessary to take this into account when cutting applications. There are many schemes for applying tapes on the face. However, You need to have an idea on which muscles and for what purpose You are going to act. Also don’t overdo it with the tension of the tapes. Tapes are applied to the face without tension.

Taping is a very effective tool in the fight against edema, as it starts an intensive movement of lymph. Removing hypertonicity, taping helps to smooth out wrinkles, returning muscles to their natural position. Taping can also be called an effective means of relieving fatigue. Often the mood rises and there is a feeling of a "new", rejuvenated skin.

In our studio, You can take taping as an additional procedure to MFP or as an independent procedure in combination with a facial massage. Our masters, having a wealth of experience, will not only secure the tapes with high quality, but will also offer to purchase tapes for independent home use.

Taping is not a magic wand that can cope with age-related changes alone, but is a very effective tool that should be in the arsenal of every person who’s not indifferent to their health and appearance.

Facial aesthetic taping procedure
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