WOW Lifting 2 in 1

The procedure includes:
- Washing.
- Manual facial plastic surgery (30 minutes).
- Make-up removal and deep cleansing with Nanodessert Triple mild.
- Facial skin peeling with Nanoasia Air Bubbles Peeling.
- Aqua peeling.
- Mask Super Lifting Muscle Mask for facial muscles with Botox effect.
- Hand and trapeze massage, elbow treatment with Mnectars natural oils.
- Aromatherapy.

The procedure begins with MFP and involves not only high-quality facial skin care, but also a deep study of the muscles, which guarantees a quick visible result.

The Super Lifting Muscle Mask contains 45 active ingredients. These are peptides, extracts of precious stones and plants.
- Eliminates dark circles under the eyes.
- Evens out complexion.
- Reduces the severity of rosacea.
- Smoothes mimic and dermal wrinkles.
- Shrinks pores.
- Increases skin elasticity (as part of matrixyl).
- Returns a young oval of the face.
- Removes the second chin.
- Improves skin structure.
- Protects against UV and aggressive environmental influences.
- Reduces acne and post-acne.
- Strengthens capillaries, improves blood circulation and skin respiration.

Work with the facial muscles (MFP) at the beginning of the procedure will not only help to cover all levels responsible for beauty, freshness and youth, but also prepare the skin to the maximum for the Super Lifting Muscle Mask, which will multiply the effect of the procedure.

This procedure is ideal for those who like to get the maximum effect from one procedure, having worked both the skin of the face at all levels, and the ligaments, muscles, fascia.

WOW Lifting 2 in 1
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